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Beautiful Rebellion

No one's a virgin...Life screws us all. ~ AJ McLean

2 April
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Wow! Where to begin? What do you want to know? :)

Stay at home mom with 2 boys: oldest is 23, youngest is 16. Youngest is very active in after school activities (football, basketball, acadamia) which seriously hamper my going back into the job market right now. Hubby (of 24 years and counting) is a fulltime hose-dragger (Fireman 21 years) and a part-time paramedic (25 years). And probably the most understanding, patient, loving man a girl could ask for. Thank you God.

Pets include: The birds and bunny rabbit that are currently enjoying my backyard. :-) Dabbling in the search for a Mini Schnauzer. Not committed yet.

Hobbies include: laundry (might as well like it since I have so much of it), cooking/baking, card-making, cross-stitching, and felting. I also dabble in writing. *snorts*

In my AU - Brian Littrell is King! and the Backstreet Boys are his Knights. But there are other players in the kingdom, i.e. Kane(Christian), Kate Voegele, 80's glambands, and a plethora of others. My iPod is full of many surprises.

And I love to read. I'll read anything you put in front of me - especially recs. Okay - not EVERYTHING! Fanfic and RPS are pretty much the standard daily fodder while the big guys/gals entertain me at night, i.e. Kathy Reichs, Charlaine Harris, etc...

I'm also a hardcore insomniac so I read...ALOT.

Faves: I don't think I have a favefave. Although I try and stay current with Clive Cussler, James Patterson, and Jonathan Kellerman. I am a 'series' junkie, such as Kathy Reichs (Bones), Keri Arthur (Riley Jensen) and my most recent read is Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse). If I read one - I have to read them all. IN ORDER! It's my OCD.

I've read all the Supernatural one off's and hope and pray that there will be more. That creation - both onscreen and off - is brilliant! God Bless Eric Kripke and his minions. Oh, and I spend ALOT of time over at Torquere Press downloading various efiction. :) Sean Michael and Chris Owen own me!!

Anything else...just ask...but overall - I'm boring. *giggles*

But here are a few of my favorite quotes and I can relate with them all so maybe that's a clue. *winks*

"I'm the complete opposite of ever clean cut, decent-looking guy you could ever think of. Yet, I have the biggest heart in the world."

"I like to make people happy and please everyone at the same time, but it's not easy. I've got a really big heart, but sometimes it gets in the way and I trip over it!"

"Be real, be cool, and behave baby!"

~ AJ McLean

If you liked the Backstreet Boys when they were kings you will like them now, and if you didn’t, I think you’re lying. - Mike Johnson (thecheappop)

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