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AJ - Cin (mineminemine)


Spring cleaning.
Finally f-locking my lj and cleaning up the memories and the flist.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com




You're histerical.

You made your FO entry FO....

Thanks smartass!!!

*hugs you*
I thought so too. And Matt has so many to choose from...
It was a hard choice....
*hugs you*
mmmmmmm... who wants to blindfold them with me???
Hee! Can I braid Kevin's hair first?
*fingers itching*

ooooooooooooooooh Pretty...............

*is mesmerized*
lol - *pokes you gently back into reality...

I would really like a 98 Degrees FO banner...

Got a stash somewhere?


Morning, Doll!
*hugs you*
Do I still get to be your friend? I made you a pretty video! *tried to look cute*
Of course! *silly woman*

You're at the top of the list...well close to the top anyways.
You'll have to kill me to get off my flist...

*hugs you tight*
Ooh!!! Beautiful banner!!!!!
Morning, doll.
And yes - it is pretty. Pretty pretty boys!
Thanks to Matt....
Now I need a 98 degrees FO banner....
*"Oh, Matt"*

I really need to learn how to make my own. Photoshop can't be THAT hard - right? *wibbles*


I'm in love with your fo banner! :D

It's obvious that we have things and people in common, add me?
Thanks! I wish I could take credit for it (banner) but I have yet to take the time to play and learn how to make my own. This one was thrown together by turlough for me in a response to a desperate plea I made. There just isn't enough 98* love represented in/on LJ.

As for friending you? Done!
Friend me?


I just wanted to let you know that I love love love your icon. *licks it right there*. I also love your fo banner and header image. We have a few friends in common and more than a few interests, as well. I have added you to my flist.
Thank You!!!
And nice to meet you!
->All graphics were made by someone else as I sorta blow with things like that. I can make the random icon but that is it. LOL
-->I added you back as we DO have a lot of common interests. I even have family in GA. *giggles*
--->My fave Boy/Degree is AJ, Drew, Brian, NickC, NickL, Kevin, Jeff, etc.... :)
--->As for *NSYNC - other than JC - bleh.
---->You write? - what?
---->You can read me over at bsb_playground where I play with my soulmatetwin jstabe. FYI - it's all slash.

Also - I am on AIM all the time under ckanerock - feel free to pop in and say hi! *hugs*

Thanks again!


Hey Girl!

Hi Cindee! Wow I didn't even know you had a livejournal! I was actually at toobusy2write's livejournal and saw the link there. How have you been? By the way, this is Sarah aka buffgirl_2002 :)

Re: Hey Girl!

Hey Sarah! *hugs you*

LOL! I have had this LJ for a little over 2 years. Where have you been? *giggles* Maybe you should get one and we could play together, although I don't play much in the AtS/BtvS fandom anymore. But it could still be fun.

How have you been?

Please add me. Thanks!
:) Done! Welcome to the chaos!!!
LOVE the Supernatural icon- Winchester brothers are loooove!

We seem to have several friends in common and also a LOT of interests in common. So, I friended you if that's okay. Friend me back?

Because I need more BSB slash lovin', supernatural obsessed friends on my flist :P

*friends you back*

Of course I'll friend you back! Especially since I have alot of your BSB stuff in my memories. *hugs you*

Because I need more BSB slash lovin', supernatural obsessed friends on my flist :P Don't we all? *smooch*
Seems we have a heck of alot in common, care to be friends?
Sure!! *hands you your drink of choice*

Welcome to my little world of kaotic insanity! *giggles* Actually, I don't post all that much...just the random meme or two. I'm really rather boring but feel free to pull up a chair and entertain me! *giggles some more* I might surprise you!

hey. we seem to have a lot of things (and people) in common. add?
Done! *squishes you* Welcome! Come in, Come in. :D Feel free to be yourself at all times - I am. *giggles*